About us

We have a ton of new faces around here, and a new neighborhood, so how about a little about us?!
This is my daughter, Anisten, and me, Chrissy. In real life we aren’t a cartoon but this may be the cutest Mommy & Me drawing EVER.
Disclosure: don’t act surprised when I’m not this skinny or blonde in real life. Also, cartoons are now my favorite filter.
She’s the “Lei” (pronounced Lee) and I’m the “Marie”. Together, we’re LeiMarie! Annnnnd you’ll recognize that precious building as our new location - 223 Main Street in downtown Milford!
LeiMarie began as a “Naptime hustle”. When Anisten was younger, I would take photos and sell clothing I loved out of our guest bedroom while she napped. It fueled my creative fire. And helped me avoid cleaning obviously, but that’s just the added bonus.
And then it grew.
And grew.
And won awards.
And I realized I wasn’t crazy, but that the world was.....for telling me I couldn’t do this with $500, a Facebook profile, and a heart & mind that HUSTLED.
We then started traveling - packing a trailer filled with fashion and furniture and nerves on road trip after road trip. Popping up in vintage markets and holiday affairs. Did I mention I learned how to trailer and am bffs with the UHaul manager? Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll be just as surprised as you.
All that sounds so rosy right? Congrats! Great job! Good for you!
WELL LET ME ENLIGHTEN YOU TO THE REAL WORLD SISTER. There have been tears galore, mass amounts of soul searching, budgets. Blown budgets. More budgets. More tears. Wondering what I’m doing, will anyone buy that, will anyone show up, omg do they even like us?
You know that feeling you have on the first day of school each year? That’s what being an entrepreneur feels like. Everyday.
Then, you add being female and holy hormonal Harriet, have mercy.
Next up, we opened our Sharonville location, brought on amazing team members and merchandisers, Cheryl and Shanna.  Together, we said okay HERE WE GO! Balls to the wall. (That’s actually an aviation phrase, keep your mind clean babe!) These girls love you. They care about you. They aren’t here to sell you a shirt. They’re here to make you feel welcomed somewhere in a world where no other “stranger” may. They’re here to tell you that you deserve a White Claw, a candle and a good cry at the end of THAT day. And they’ll bring them to you, with a lighter and a high freaking five, babe.
Fast forward almost exactly 11 months, and well...here we are! Thanking you all, thanking the city of Sharonville. Packing mass boxes and totes, dazed and scared, standing in front of this 2600 sq feet store that feels like staring at the first day of school on a calendar.
Ironically, the best part of the first day of school for me was always choosing the outfit. Isn’t it funny how the little things can turn into the big things?
So babe.
Go after what you want and make everything figure-out-able. Know that you’re not good at everything, and that’s okay. Hire the most genuine people, and love them. SEE THEM. Let your passion for what you do show to your employees and shoppers and community....and your minis.
The rest will take care of itself.
And then cartoon it all while wearing leopard and a crop jacket, so that mini knows the first day of school feeling, and can turn that into her own fiery path of passion ♥️
And now you know....#thisisleimarie

A True Fashion Family

Our Stylists mean the world to us personally, and our brand. They encompass passion, dedication, and true humility when styling clients and assisting in special event outfits. Beyond that, they are wives, mothers, daughters, and amazing women. Here is a sneak peek into each.  Come meet them in store! 

Cheryl Frasier 

Our stylist Champion Cheryl is our photographer and creative stylist. She and her husband Matt, a chef, share a love of cooking, art and music, They are so proud of their daughter Mia, who is a doctoral student in Chicago studying clinical Psychology. 


Shanna Bowen

Our stylist Champion Shanna also works in home health care and is passionate about helping people feel good! She is a great mom to her sons Jaden and Liam, and daughter Charli. Her husband Russ owns a concrete business.  Together, they enjoy family time outdoors, camping, and four wheeling. 



Jennifer Tierney

Jen is a preschool teacher by day and stylist by night. As a little girl she loved to play store and truly enjoys helping you find things you love and that make you feel good. Jen is a mom to three teenage and preteen girls and her husband of 25 years works in IT. When not binge watching Marvel movies with her family Jen is out shopping. Come let her shop with you!