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This is LeiMarie

This is LeiMarie

Behind every small business is a family. 

A family who does a big happy dance every time an order is received. Every time someone walks thru the door of our storefront. Every time we run into someone wearing or giving or bragging about our fashionable finds. 

This is LeiMarie. 

Born in 2016, this company was a small dream for a new wife, new mom, and a woman playing SO MANY roles for others. That woman needed color, creativity, and something of her own. Sound familiar to you? 

It sure does to me. Because that woman is me. 

I’m Chrissy, the tired looking one in this photo 😜; the owner of LeiMarie Limited. 

Of course, we absolutely LOVE when you shop with us. We also appreciate every heart on our photo, every laugh at our meme, every share on here, when speaking to friends, sharing the soon to be store, anything you do to spread LeiMarie. 

Any of those actions - big or small - support this little girl’s preschool choice, dance lessons, and general love for all things dramatic. 

You support this husband’s wife, his best friend, the mass amounts of carrying and loading and building and technology he’s contributed. 

You support this tiny boy’s love for trucks and planes and basketballs.

Soon, you’ll support two Stylist Champions’ families, as they’re brought on board and welcomed fiercely as working moms. 

You’ll support other small businesses in downtown Sharonville Ohio, run by those also chasing and spreading joy thru what once was just a creative dream. 

Shopping small MATTERS to families behind all these businesses. 

We’re in this together. 

Shop Small. Shop Local. This is why. 


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